Jorge Fonseca - Don't Abandon Your Dreams!

October 6, 2019

Jorge Fonseca since little wanted to be a pilot. He grew up in the Alvalade area and saw the planes landing every day. He realized his dream a few years ago, when he had the opportunity to take the brevet and buy the first plane.

From his childhood retains very happy memories: go to school, play on the street with friends and play football almost every day with his father.

But at age 7, his daily companion, emigrated to Toronto looking for an opportunity to give the family a better life, leaving him and his brother alone with his mother.

It was 3 long years, where communication was made by letter and subsequently, by Father's ingenuity, through videotapes. But finally, in the year pass from 73 to 74 the family was reunited and ready to face all the challenges that awaited them.

He grew up and made himself a successful man in Canada, thanks to an announcement of a newspaper that completely changed his life. Back were the doubts, the frustrations, the seizures of your parents, the difficult situations and the complications. He believed in this opportunity and advanced with all the willpower to work and with all the willpower to learn.

Along the way, he found the woman of his life who completed it and complete it every day, in every way and in every situation. He has three children who fill him with pride every day and two grandkids who are the light of his eyes.

Here is Jorge Fonseca... There are 36 years in the business, there are 30 in Portugal and happy with life... Happy with the choices he made!

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